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My visit to Vista Lago Como

Touring the Lake Districts in Italy was a dream come true. It was a short visit, so I had my camera along to record scenes for future paintings and to avoid the inconvenience of packing art supplies. Lake Como was my favorite lake there. Varenna is a village right on Lake Como and is loaded with scenes to choose from. For example, Vista Lago Como is in an area with several huge villas built in the 1800s. For example, the scene for this painting is a loggia (outdoor room) in one of those villas with the window view of Lake Como that was the inspiration for the painting.

The power of color

Painting offers the chance to be creative in colors. So I chose ‘Italian orange’ for the interior of Vista Lago Como instead of the true gray tone it had — much warmer in mood and more of an Italian personality.

The process

First, I use my camera to capture scenes which offers the option to trigger happy memories of these areas and I compose my photos with the future paintings in mind. Then I’ll have the fun to experiment with colors and moods as I get ‘deeper and deeper’ into the scenes as I paint later in my studio.

It’s available!

Now, as part of my Pasadena Art Sale, all Giclées are attractively priced as an affordable option to my original oil paintings. This piece is part of my giclée collection, and is featured here.


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Vista Lago Como
Vista Como Lago